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Key West Wedding Photography – Hire the Best Wedding Photographer

Looking for a wedding photographer to capture your special day? Look no further than Senses at Play Photography!

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John McCall – Your Wedding Photographer

I love using the camera to tell a story, capturing both beauty and mood. With 1000+ couples photographed, each wedding is a unique experience for me. I am passionate about finding that special shot that transforms into art. Guests often compliment me for keeping the mood fun and relaxed.

I understand that weddings can be stressful, especially for grooms who aren’t keen on being photographed. I quickly put everyone at ease, making the experience enjoyable. I’m excited to photograph your event and provide stunning images that tell your unique story of love and family. Contact me to discuss your Key West wedding photography needs and make your wedding memories unforgettable.

Choose Best Wedding Photographer in Key West

Planning your destination wedding in Key West is an exciting adventure. Get ready for a celebration filled with all the charm and fun this island paradise offers. One of the best parts about having your wedding in Key West is the sheer variety of options available to tailor your day to perfection.

Despite its small size (approximately 3 miles), getting around the island is a breeze, ensuring convenience for you and your guests. With sunny skies almost every day, breathtaking sunsets, and an array of local characters, including the famous Key West chickens and talented street performers, there’s always something delightful to see and experience.

The nightlife is lively, with bars staying open until 4 am, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. During the day, the abundance of outdoor activities like fishing, snorkeling, and water sports, combined with the island’s laid-back vibe, ensure that every moment is as enjoyable as the last. Your guests will have plenty of opportunities to make the most of their vacation while celebrating your special day.

Key West Wedding Photography

Don’t forget to hire a skilled wedding photographer in Key West to capture all these amazing moments! Senses at Play Photography specializes in wedding photography, ensuring that every special memory of your big day is beautifully preserved. Capture the magic of your wedding with Senses at Play Photography. Contact us today to discuss your wedding photography needs!

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Premier Key West Wedding Photographer


  • We come from a large family and know that it is important to you that everyone who attends has THE best time! We offer a celebration package to capture all the moments from your welcome party, rehearsal, Duval Crawl, our Bridal Boudior “Just for Him” and your full wedding day!
  • Or Check out our Day of Package that covers your day from beginning to end! Including our Bridal Boudoir “Just for Him” if you like.
  • Or if you are planning a intimate event or elopement we can assist there as well – we do offer hourly pricing!

Over the next months as you look through all the fun wedding ideas and design your unique event it will be as exciting as it is overwhelming ~ so we are here to assist. First we start by assisting you create your wedding photography time line. There are many options for our couples and we can briefly describe them so that you get the most out of your day and photos.

Premium Key West Wedding Photography Package

Planning your wedding day in Key West and incorporating all the beautiful details will be exciting. And the only thing you will have afterward is your beautiful photos to relive this amazing day! As a Key West wedding photographer, I understand the importance of capturing every minute and detail. That’s why this package was created with Key West wedding photography in mind, ensuring that all those moments are beautifully preserved. Then, prints are mailed right out with a gallery canvas to adorn your wall, showcasing the magic of your special day in Key West.

Magic of Key West Wedding Photography

Out & About Key West

With our wedding photography packages, we offer you a uniquely personalized experience. Whether it’s just the two of you or your entire wedding party, we’re excited to capture your special moments around Key West. Our approach to wedding photography is not just about pictures, it’s about making memories.
Imagine starting at a charming location of your choice, and then strolling through the picturesque streets. Our favorite approach? Begin your own little “parade” on Duval Street. As a skilled wedding photographer in Key West, I’ve seen the joy this brings – it’s not just a photo session, it’s an experience. Passersby on Duval, always ready to celebrate, will shout out well wishes, offer to buy you a shot, and cheer you on. This spontaneous celebration adds a layer of excitement and authenticity to your wedding photos that only Key West can offer. When we craft your wedding day photography timeline, let’s infuse it with the vibrant, fun aspects of Key West. As your chosen wedding photographer in Key West, I’ll guide you through the island’s most picturesque locales, ensuring your photos are as lively and beautiful as the moments they capture.

Celebration Package​ Photography Key West

Celebration Package

Two Photographers, 10 Hours

Your celebrations includes family and friends from all over the U.S or world – and you are planning a fun filled couple days – our celebration package is perfect – it will cover the full wedding day – but can also include party, bridal boudoir, casual shoot, engagement shoot, pre-wedding bridal, or any unique event you have planned. We will pop in and out to document all the important moments through out the week. Or your wedding includes much more than just typical one venue for ceremony and reception wedding schedule and you want it covered fully and by 2 photographers – this package is perfect.

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Day of Package

One Photographer, 6 Hours – (Add On Additional Hours As Needed)

This package is perfect if you want your day to be relaxed, fun, and documented both in moments but in creativity. The more time you allow for the day to flow and be captured the more creative and beautiful the photographs.

Intimate Hourly Package

Hourly pricing is perfect for the intimate events or elopements. We can customize your day to be as unique as you are.

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